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  There are many ways to advertise your products and/or services online. Using free ad sites should be just one aspect of your marketing plan. Others that you should also consider are direct email (not spamming) and targeted ads in online ezines or newsletters.

When placing ads at free locations you should do several things. You should have your ad and/or several variations ready when you go online to place them. The number of words allowed at each site can vary from 25 to 50. When you go to a site, check out the ads in the category you are thinking about placing your ad in. See how they are laid out and whether they have active email or URL links. Review the site's policies and procedures to see what they allow and don't allow. Determine how long your ad will stay up on the site. Some are for a week, month, several months, up to a year, and some just stay on until they get pushed off by newer ads. It would probably be good to keep a record like an entry on a index card so you know when to go back and re-enter it.

Another suggestion I have to make it a little easier for you, since it does take some time and work to get these ads up, is to have your ad and its variations already typed up on your Windows Notepad or similar text editor. This way when you are ready to fill in the ad text at the site, you can just call the ad up from your editor and paste it in instead of typing each one individually.

All of the sites listed below were active when we prepared this list and we use many of them ourselves. If you should find a site that has moved or been discontinued please E-Mail us so that we can update the list. Some of the sites are indexes of multiple sites and will give you many more sites than listed here.  We wish you the best of success and if we can be of future assistance please let us know.

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