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Free Home pages

Angelfire Communications Angelfire offers a single page. All homepages display an advertising logo at the bottom of the page to help support the service.

GeoCities Probably the biggest provider of free homepages. They provide support for multiple pages and allow 1 meg of space and free e-mail address.

Main Quad You can edit your pages off-line then upload them Main Quad. They provide 150K of space.

Nitehawk They offer a 200K of space and allow you to create your page and graphics off-line then upload.

Northwest Voyager RoboWeb has nice interface, and builds nice looking pages. It's also very responsive and lag free.

Tripod Create your home pages via online forms or design your pages off-line then upload via anonymous ftp. Friendly step-by-step setup scheme like Angelfire, but you can jump right into raw HTML like the Homeless Server if you want. Multiple pages are supported and you can upload your own GIFs.

Uebermorgen Online Free pages to private people and non profit organizations. Of course you can build up to 24 page with a maximum of 500KB at all. They also offer form based HTML editing, so it is very easy to edit your home page online.

Web Int'l Commercial Advertising Has automatic homepage writer.

USA Online Free if you don't use template or images.

KruzNet Free homepages up to 500kb.

MarketNet (UK) Free homepages with no graphics.

Achievement International Free homepages for private persons and non-profit organizations up to 200kb.

ChAoS Free Promotion Promote your site  100's of FREE ads, reciprical links, tools, etc.....