To play Scrabble you first have to down load the free software from Excalibur. Then after installing the software you open the excalibr.exe file. You first go to system then to dialing dir and click on New Entry for the phone/internet number you first put an @ sign then my address as show in the in the picture.

The address to these sites will change from day to day so you may have to copy and paste often. If you need more help call me on NetNote in the bottom left frame and maybe I can help you with any problems you may encounter. And if you want to play at Jeannieb's Scrabble Pad I don't really think she would mind, and while you are at it you might just as well stop and say hi to Angel and maybe play a game or two at Angel's Haven. If you think you need more Scrabble then visit Jeannieb's Scrabble Page. That should fix ya.