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Web Site Sponsers

Commonwealth NetworkRecently changed its pay policy. Now you are paid $.001 to $.0075 per unique host impression per page. They now have three different types of ads: Pay ads (you are paid $.0075 per view), barter ad (you are paid $.001 per view), and In House ads (you are paid $.001 per view). On average 70% of all ads displayed are barter and in house. [BANNER SIZE=460x60]

  • NarrowCast Media:Pays web sites $7.50 per 1,000 impressions or $0.0075 [BANNERSIZE=410x45]

    Internet Banner Network (IBN):pays $.005 for each display of a paid advertisement (will countmultiple displays per user per page per day); When no advertisersbanners are available it will display other members banner (you will not be paid for displaying other members banners). Note: Adding a letter to the end of the IBN banner will allow you to collect multiple impressions per user. So if you code was M12828 then it would be M12828a , M12828b and so on. [BANNERSIZE=470x60]

    Pacific Coast:Pays $100 for every 1000(CPM) visitors you bring them. Meaning1000 people have to click there banner in order to receive $100.[BANNER SIZE=468x60]

    Interlotto:You display there banner promoting there Internet Lottery servicein exchange they will pay you a 5% commission on all lottery ticketsbought. They have almost 20 different banners you can choose todisplay on your page. [BANNER SIZE=650x79, 468x60]

    WebSplash: They pay you $0.01 for every click through you bring them. They have a leader board and instant stats. Warning: You display and link to an adult site (you must be over 18 to view it).

    Real Media: Charge advertisers $.02 to $.05 per ad view and pay web sites 70% of that.

    Eads: Web sites are paid $.05 per click through. You get to choose which ads you want to display so that if you have a music site you can display a music banner or a book site can display a book store banner to increase the chance of a click through.

    Burst Media: Pay web sites 50, 70 or 80% of ad revenue depending on how long of a contract is signed. Currently charges 2.1 to 7 cents per ads view.